The Golem Returns (swallow::tale press, 2022) – print and PDF copies now available!

Print and digital copies available beginning June 1, 2022 from swallow::tale press.

Order your print copy or digital copy of The Golem Returns—new poems by Diane R. Wiener.

“Join Diane Wiener and The Golem on their fabulist, philosophical escapades through everyday life. Companion to Wiener’s THE GOLEM VERSES (2018), THE GOLEM RETURNS carries with it renewed questions of creativity and friendship in a space where human norms have been Madly defamiliarized.

THE GOLEM RETURNS is an enchanting conversation about the unknown and the known. With equal parts earnestness, mysticism, and whimsy, Wiener celebrates the Golem as a queer, crip, Mad, and uniquely Jewish figure, and as a deliciously mischievous muse.”

The Golem Returns is on Goodreads!

Cover art: “Lobster Moon Featuring Stardigrades” by L. Loo Wales

Cover Description: A cotton candy lobster crescents in the night sky within the constellation Orion, which is comprised of tardigrade stars (stardigrades) in orbs of light. Some of the stardigrades rest on the lobster moon. The night sky and the stardigrade orbs include hues of blue, teal, fuchsia, and purple with white, gray, and black. The cotton candy lobster moon is various shades of turquoise, lavender, light blue, dark pink, and white.

Published by:

Diane R. Wiener

Diane R. Wiener (she/they) is the author of The Golem Verses (Nine Mile Press, 2018), Flashes & Specks (Finishing Line Press, 2021), and The Golem Returns (swallow::tale press, 2022). Her poems also appear in Nine Mile Magazine, Wordgathering, Tammy, Queerly, The South Carolina Review, Welcome to the Resistance: Poetry as Protest, Diagrams Sketched on the Wind, Jason’s Connection, the Kalonopia Collective’s 2021 Disability Pride Anthology, and elsewhere. Diane’s creative nonfiction appears in Stone Canoe, Mollyhouse, The Abstract Elephant Magazine, and Pop the Culture Pill. Her flash fiction appears in Ordinary Madness; short fiction is published in A Coup of Owls. She has poetry and creative nonfiction forthcoming in eMerge. Diane has published widely on disability, pedagogy, and empowerment, among other subjects. She blogged for the Huffington Post between May 2016 and January 2018. Diane served as Nine Mile Literary Magazine’s Assistant Editor after being Guest Editor for the Fall 2019 Special Double Issue on Neurodivergent, Disability, Deaf, Mad, and Crip poetics. Since January 2020, Diane has been the Editor-in-Chief of Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature, housed at Syracuse University.

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